Is your Celebrant allowed to Cancel?

by Jennifer Cram   02 April 2019  |
Notice of Intended Marriage The Marriage Act is very clear on when it is allowable for your Notice of Intended Marriage (and therefore the officiating of your marriage) to be transferred by the celebrant you booked with, to another celebrant.

Basically, the circumstances must be unforeseen and exceptional  - the celebrant has died, is ill, is absent from the place of the intended marriage, or it is impracticable (practically impossible) for the celebrant to solemnise your marriage.

Recent changes now allow celebrants to transfer your Notice of Intended Marriage to another
celebrant electronically, where a physical handover is not possible in time for the marriage to go ahead, for example, where a natural disaster has occurred.

What the Act does not cover (but Contract Law does) is circumstances that are clearly stated in your contract with the celebrant to be grounds termination of the contract. .
You can download the Notice of Intended Marriage form here