Are You Related to One Another? - Notice of Intended Marriage

by Jennifer Cram, Brisbane Marriage Celebrant   ©19 March 2019  | Updated 15/09/ 2021
Notice of Intended Marriage At Item 10 in the middle of Page 3 of the Notice of Intended Marriage there are two boxes, for No and Yes answers to the question about whether you are related to one another. If you answer Yes, you need then to explain how you are related.

And, on the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage, which all couples must sign before their marriage can take place, item (b) states neither of us in a prohibited relationship.

Related means by blood, or by adoption, and a prohibited relationship is one where one of you is
  • an ancestor of the other (for example, parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent, or
  • a descendant of the other (for example a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild)
  • or a sibling of the other (brother or sister, either whole or half)
In Australia, you can marry if you are
  • cousins, even first cousins, or
  •  if you are uncle/aunt and niece/nephew
You can download the Notice of Intended Marriage form here