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I'm not one of those people who think children should be seen and not heard. So I'm all for including them in ceremonies. I'm also a proven child-whisperer and wrangler!

In 2020 and Beyond Children Need to be Invited to Your Wedding

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There are good reasons why it is particularly important since 2020, a year where their lives were
disrupted, for children to experience wedding ceremonies  ... More ...

Children in your bridal party

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Including children in your bridal party can make for unexpectedly magic moments ...    More ...

How to Train your Flower Girl for a Brilliant Petal Toss

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There is nothing sweeter than a flower girl tossing petals with exuberant abandon. But achieving that takes a little training ... Read on ...

And the Flower Girl wore a Backpack ...

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Give the children you want involved in your wedding ceremony the choice of what they will do and what they will wear and magic happens ... 
More ...