Your Amazing Wedding Ceremony

Making your wedding ceremony amazing, wonderful, and interesting for your guests because it is specific to the two of you is the most important thing in the world to me. I love weddings. But only when the ceremony is love-filled and personal. Generic, predictable ceremonies are not my thing.

Jennifer conducted our commitment ceremony and then 13 years later when we got married we were certain Jennifer was the perfect celebrant for us. She includes amazing, meaningful parts in the ceremony and is so thoughtful. She makes the whole process relaxing and enjoyable and leaves you with tears/goosebumps and amazing memories of your special day. - Paula and Michelle, who married at Mercure Clear Mountain Lodge, both times.

If your dream wedding ceremony
  • is romantic,  light-hearted, engaging, and entertaining
  • is one that you and your guests will enjoy (no boring bits)
  • includes lots of tears (both from laughter and from genuine emotion). Put "waterproof mascara" on the dress code in your invitation!
  • is one in which every word is meaningful (no meaningless padding)
  • includes elements that no-one in your circle of friends has seen or done before
  • has everyone talking about it for years
You've come to the right person!

What makes a wedding with Jennifer Cram so special?

What makes the weddings I create and officiate so special is you. Simple as that.

I take the time and make the effort to listen to you, to get to know you and your wishes and dreams for your ceremony and to weave that information into a ceremony created especially for you.

I won't try to talk you into having a  wedding that doesn't feel right to you.

My passion is perfection. By that, I mean perfect for you.

I'm very aware of how stressful and difficult planning a wedding is if people act like they know you better than you know yourselves. So I won't second-guess you. I won't pressure you or guilt you into a ceremony that doesn't feel right for both of you.

I'll make sure that you know what is legally required in the ceremony - literally that only takes a minute. And if you know the background to what seems like the boring bits, it can be (almost) fun!

We'll also talk about all those things (aka traditions) that people think must or should be done in a wedding, but are not legal requirements, so can safely be ignored or changed if you wish.

I won't sit you down and fire a lot of questions at you. The best results come with time and reflection. So I'll  ask you to do some homework, which involves. thinking about your relationship and what you want in your ceremony in your own time and in your own way.

I offer you choice

I'm definitely not a "one size fits all" celebrant, which means I'm not going to offer you a "one size fits all" ceremony package. Instead I have a range of   wedding ceremony packages   that cover everything from the big, classy, white Wedding to a "let's just sign on the dotted line and get this done" paperwork ceremony with fees that range from $395 to $1050. One of them is sure to meet your needs, expectations, and budget without sacrificing the fun, the feels, or the ability to uniquely express who you are.

You can have the Best. Wedding. Ever. on a Tiny Budget!

My packages all have one thing in common, the dedication, skill, and amount of sheer effort that goes into every single ceremony. You get my heart and soul and a generous amount of my time.

Choosing one of my lower fee packages doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. From the cheapest to the most expensive the quality of the service and the ceremony is top-notch. All that is different is the number of hours I dedicate to the ceremony, not the quality of what goes into those hours and into the ceremony.
Wedding Ceremony
                  Packages Jennifer Cram Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

All packages (with one exception - Married in a Minute LITE, which is a legals-only signing ceremony) , includes the option to make personal vows to one another. I encourage you to write your own vows (with my assistance) or at least have input into them. They are the heart of your ceremony. So we work on them being totally, utterly, and authentically, you.

When you book with me I give you all the information and support you need to have the wedding you want.

Please Note: The cost of your ceremony does not include a standard official marriage certificate

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