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Tips, musings, and off-the-wall ideas about what to wear for your wedding, including accessories like your bouquet, plus thoughts about what guests wear.


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The Kilt Dilemma: To Underwear or Not to Underwear?

Categories: |   Scottish Wedding  |  Wedding Attire   |
Is the Scottish tradition of going regimental - wearing nothing - under the kilt, appropriate for your wedding? More ...

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Shopping Hacks for Plus Size Brides
Categories:  |  Wedding Attire
Some preparation and the right mindset can make a huge difference to your dress shopping experience when you are a plus sized bride. ...   More ,,,

Trash the Dress and other things to do with your wedding gown after the big day

Categories: Wedding Attire |
Your wedding day has been and gone. And now you have that lovely dress hanging in your closet. What to do with it? ... More ...

All About Silk

Categories: Wedding Attire |
Silk is the luxury fabric. Used both in wedding gowns on for grooms' ties. To learn about the many types of silk ... More ...

All About Lace

Categories: Wedding Attire |
Lace and weddings go together like, well, wedding gowns and weddings. Regarded to be the traditional bridal fabric, it has been popular for luxury wedding gowns for centuries. To learn about the most popular types of lace used in wedding gowns ... More ...

The Shocking Truth about Wedding Dresses

Categories: Wedding Attire | Wedding Budget |
The single biggest contributor to the carbon footprint of your wedding may surprise you .. More ,,,

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers for Guys

Categories: Wedding Ceremony  |  Wedding Attire   |
Think beyond the boutonniere for wedding flowers for guys ...  More ...

How to Hold Your Wedding Bouquet

Categories: Wedding Ceremony  |  Wedding Attire  |
How you carry your bouquet can make a world of difference to your photos, and to how much your guests see of your beautiful dress and, potentially, your face ...  More ...

Wedding Accessories

3 Good reasons to wear pearls to a wedding

Categories:  | Wedding Attire |
There are a number of excellent reasons for a guest, the marrying couple, the wedding party, and the celebrant to wear pearls at a wedding  More ...

Masked-Up and Married - How to Rock a Mask on your Wedding Day

Categories: | Wedding Attire | Wedding Ceremony |
This was written when COVID-19 compulsory mask-wearing anytime you leave your own home was on the agenda. Article looks at forward planning and preparing to rock a mask on your wedding day if you are required to wear one ... More ...

How to be Gorgeous in Glasses on Your Wedding Day

Categories: | Wedding Attire | Wedding Ceremony |
Marrying the person who fell in love with glasses-wearing you has got to be the best reason on the
planet to splurge on a new pair of luxury designer frames ... More ...

Guest Attire

RED at a wedding - the hill I'm prepared to die on

Categories:  | Wedding Attire |
Don't wear white to a wedding has been shorthand for Don't upstage the bride since before wedding photos got colourful. It's time to consider modern technology and add RED to the list on no-go colours for guests and the celebrant! More ...

Is it OK for a guest to wear black to a wedding?

Categories:  | Wedding Attire  |  Wedding Traditions |
The belief still persists that it is inappropriate for a (female) guest to wear black to a wedding. But where did this belief come from, and is it still relevant at a time where it is increasingly common for the bridesmaids to be wearing black and some brides wear black too  More ...

Is it OK for a guest to wear white to a wedding?

Categories:  | Wedding Attire  |  Wedding Traditions |
The "never wear white to a wedding" rule is one of those hard and fast rules of etiquette that pretty well everyone has accepted for a very, very long time. In the 21st is this a rule that can be broken?   More ...

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