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A wedding is a ritual in itself. As is a renewal of vows or a naming ceremony. In the broadest sense, a ritual is a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.
The basic series of actions that also form the various high points of a wedding ceremony are
  • EntranceCover of the
                          book Fantastic Wedding Finales by Jennifer
  • Affirmation of Intention (the I Do question)
  • Vows and Rings
  • Pronouncement
  • Kiss
  • Exit
When a couple is marrying, this very predictable traditional order of ritual actions are well and truly embedded in a ceremony that is largely verbal.

Your speaking of your vows and your (optional) exchange of rings, are the central ritual of every marriage ceremony. They both symbolise and create your union, and. through the exchange of rings, integrate words and actions. But they are not the only way to integrate a moment within the ceremony when communication of intention, commitment, and emotion becomes visual. There are many newer rituals to choose from.

Where such a ritual is an active expression of uniting such as the unity candle, or sand ceremony, or where it emphasises the transformative nature of the ceremony, such as jumping the broom, it is closely related to your exchange of vows and rings. So it makes sense to consider such rituals in the context of your vows and not just of the ceremony as a whole,

Why use a professional Ritual Scripting Service?

Every ritual in a wedding, whether one of the traditional noted above, or a more recently developed unity or other ritual, is an invented tradition. There are no "authorised" versions. In a sense, they were all new inventions at some point.

Rather than just accepting somebody else's version, as published and circulated on the web, for example, step it up. Make it personal. Give it a unique twist. Or to create one that is specific to you. 

This is where the Vow Magician's in-depth understanding of the purpose of symbolic rituals, the practical requirements that must be attended to in order to pull it off, and the powerful subliminal messages that need to remain intact, come into play. My extensive experience of re-imagining the "usual suspects" together with my track record of successfully tailoring rituals to suit particular couples, will ensure that your guests will be interested, and completely engaged. That it will make sense to them.

Benefits of making your symbolic ritual personal

Using "standard" wording and choreography can limit the extent to which your symbolic ritual integrates naturally within your ceremony. Worst case scenario is for a ritual to feel as if it has just been bunged in.

By reimagining a ritual invented by others, or by creating a new ritual that is personal to you, together we will ensure you are able to
  • Include whoever you wish
    Most unity rituals are commonly carried out by the marrying couple on their own. Where you are a blending two families, or wish to include other significant persons, reimagining the ritual will allow you to add participants
  • Express your interpretation of the symbolism
  • Relate the ritual to your lived experience
  • Relate the ritual to your heritage
  • Include an object that has significance to you
  • Reference an event of significance to your relationship

What's involved?

Step One: Choosing an appropriate ritual
I will provide suggestions and advice, if you are undecided.

Step Two:  Building the picture
We start the conversation that will be ongoing throughout the process and from which the specifics of the ritual will emerge

Step Three: Putting it all together
I write the ritual and send it to you for your comments/reaction

Step Four: We edit until you are completely happy with it

Step Five: I provide you with a shopping list of what you need

What do I bring to the process of scripting your ritual?

Why choose me to script your ritual?
  • I bring so much experience and so many skills in creating bespoke rituals and in re-imaging invented rituals.  I'm also the author ofCover
                        of the book Unity Candle and Sand Ceremony by
                        Jennifer Cram
    • numerous blog posts about rituals
    • five best-selling books about rituals, including
    • the first book ever to be published on the topic of the Unity Candle ritual and its outdoor substitute, the Sand Ceremony, and
    • Fantastic Wedding Finales, nominated by The Book Authority as one of the 100 Best Wedding Ceremony Books of All Time
  • I hold degrees in English and Psychology together with an Advanced Diploma in Marriage Celebrancy (with Distinction). These, plus a lifetime of writing for publication, the capacity to effortlessly adapt my vocabulary to the different varieties of English found around the world, and years of experience choreographing dance performances, give me a distinct advantage in ensuring that the subliminal message of the ritual is positive and appropriate
  • Most importantly, I guarantee anonymity so no-one will be able to pick that you used my services

The Cost

  • The Bespoke Ritual Scripting Package $150. Paid in advance.

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