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To be married legally in Australia, you must do everything the Marriage Act requires and that requires some paperwork

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Particularly useful when completing your Notice of Intended Marriage)

Before the Big Day
On the Big Day - at the Wedding
After the Big Day

Before the Big Day

Giving Notice of Your Intended Marriage when You Live at Opposite Ends of the Country (or the Earth)

Categories: | Wedding Legals |
Giving Notice of your Intended Marriage when you are not together in the same state or country is not as difficult as it might seem at first. ... More ...

No Licence Needed

Categories: | Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Legals | Wedding Planning |
Getting married in Australia is super simple. You don't need a marriage licence, and your venue doesn't have to have a licence to host wedding ceremonies ... More ...

What is a month? 

Categories: Wedding Legals |
What is a month? is an all-important question because you can't legally be married less than a full calendar month from the day you give Notice (on the Notice of Intended Marriage) ... More ...

Proving who you are

Before you can be married in Australia you have to prove who you are, where and when you were born, and that you are free to marry again if you have been married before. This is what you need to know about the official documents you need to show your celebrant ... More ...

On the Big Day - At the Wedding

Your Marriage Certificate(s)

Categories: | Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Legals |
Every couple marrying in Australia will be presented with a certificate on the day. That certificate is proof that you are married, but it isn't proof that your marriage has been registered. So you need a second (and different) certificate as well ... More ...

Can Guests Sign Your Marriage Certificate?

Categories: Celebrant | Wedding Legals |
Your Presentation Certificate is a legal document, therefore only your two legal witnesses may sign it, along with you and your celebrant. But there are other lovely options for guests to sign  ... More ...

The curious reasons why Marriage Documents are signed with black ink

Categories: Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Legals |
Have you ever wondered why your marriage certificate must be signed in black ink? Or, indeed, why the Notice of Intended Marriage should be filled in using black ink (if you're filling it in by hand)? It has a lot to do with archival requirements - but also with status! ... More ...

Signing the Register and the Certificates (updated 16/12/2017)

Categories:  Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Legals |
Everything you need to know about signing the Marriage Register and Marriage Certificates ... More ...

After the Big Day

The Most Important Step in Your Wedding is Free!

Categories: | Wedding Legals |
Did you know that the most important part of your wedding happens after it is all over - and that it doesn't cost you a cent? ...  More ...

Legal Name Change or Change of Name by Marriage - the Facts and the Pitfalls

Categories: | Wedding Legals |
Changing your name after you are married. You don't have to do it. But if you decide to change your name you have the choice of doing it *by marriage* or through a *legal change of name* so how do you choose? ...  More

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