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Covid can't cancel Love with a circle of
                    red rosesThis is a list of all the posts that deal with various impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on weddings. It's a sh**storm. But we have to do the best we can. I'm COVIDflexible!

Keep up to date with current restrictions for weddings and funerals via the Australian Government Health Direct Website. You'll need to click on your state for the details.   Other types of ceremonies and celebrations (for example naming ceremonies) are classified as gatherings.

Plan X - The 2021 Wedding Must Have

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Plan X is the plan you have ready to guide you when your wedding, as planned, can't go ahead on the day because of restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19 outbreaks ... More ...

Breakfast Weddings - A Beautiful Budget-Friendly Option

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Even on a weekend, having a breakfast wedding gives you more options and more chance of booking your chosen suppliers. And it both a very budget-friendly option and one that it makes it easier to comply with COVID-19 restrictions .... More ...

Masked-Up and Married - How to Rock a Mask on your Wedding Day

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With COVID-19 compulsory mask-wearing anytime you leave your own home very definitely on
the agenda, it is time to do some forward planning and prepare to rock a mask on your wedding day if you are required to wear one ... More ...

Redesigning Wedding Ceremonies for 2020

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While developing my own COVIDSafe plan for the ceremonies I officiate it became clear that many parts of the ceremony now need a different approach in order to keep everyone safe. The challenge is how to adapt the ceremony to make it safer without compromising the emotion of the occasion ... More ...

Wedding Cake Unity Ritual

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A wedding cake unity ritual, where you cut and share your wedding cake during your ceremony, works well, both symbolically and practically, and is a great way to deal with the new COVID-19 restrictions on sharing the cake with guests  ... More ...

In 2020 Children Need to be Invited to Your Wedding

Categories: | Inclusive Weddings | Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Planning |
There are good reasons why it is particularly important in 2020, a year where their lives have been
disrupted, for children to experience wedding ceremonies  ... More ...

Down the Aisle, Social Distancing Style

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With restrictions on numbers at weddings being relaxed, the aisle is coming back. But how do you set up your ceremony space and walk down the aisle with style when social distancing is still required?  ... More ...

Blowing Bubbles, Covid-19 Safe or Covid-19 Risky?

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Is it safe to blow bubbles in your ceremony, or is there a risk of spreading COVID-19? ... More ...

When Coronavirus Forces You to Un-Invite People to Your Wedding

Categories: | Wedding Planning |
Social Distancing restrictions, together with the flow-own effect of rescheduled weddings competing with previously booked weddings for limited venue and vendor availability, is forcing couples to change plans, and this may require cutting guest numbers ...  More ...

Contact Tracing and Your Wedding

Categories: Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Legals |
(09/05/2020 - Updated 17/05/2020)
As we progressively relax restrictions on weddings and gatherings there is a new rule -  contact records must be kept for all attendees ...  More ...

ISO (Coronavirus) Weddings Can Be Oh So Romantic

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Rule of Five weddings under the current Coronavirus restrictions, are limited to the minimum number of people needed to be present for a legal marriage, but this should not mean that your wedding is a second-best alternative ...  More ...

Isolation (Coronavirus) Weddings FAQ

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Current social isolation/social distancing restrictions on weddings are complicated because, while the Federal Government set the broad restrictions, the fine detail is controlled on a state by state basis.....  More ...

18 Romantic Things to do while in Lockdown

Coronavirus self-isolating rules need not put a dampener on romance. Here are 18 ways to up the romance while in lockdown with your partner...  More ...

12 Things Coronavirus Won't Stop You Having in Your "Rule of Five" Wedding

Categories: Wedding Ceremony |
Under current coronavirus restrictions you are only permitted to have a total of five people present at your wedding - the same five people that is the minimum number for the marriage to be legal. But the ceremony is not limited to the legal requirements only. You are free to make it as fun and fabulous as you wish ...  More ...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Rings

Categories: Wedding Ceremony |
The most common question about weddings under the new restrictions is about whether rings are
allowed. ...  More ...

Getting Married via Skype - Possible or Not?

Categories: Wedding CeremonyWedding Legals | Wedding Planning |
Is it legal to get married over Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or other videoconferencing technology? ...  More ...

So Coronavirus Cancelled Your Wedding ... What Now?

Categories: Wedding CeremonyWedding Planning |
You've been thrown a curve ball that means your wedding can't go ahead on the day you've planned for, or, can't go ahead the way you've planned it. Closure of venues, restrictions on the number of people who can be in both indoor and outdoor spaces, travel restrictions, social distancing, and a lot of uncertainty because we have no idea how long this will last ...  More ...

What Should We Tell Our Guests About Our Wedding in the Time of the Coronavirus?

Categories: Wedding CeremonyWedding Planning |
With Government restrictions ramping up on a daily basis, concerns about flattening the curve, and worrying media reports about the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on weddings, you wouldn't be human if you weren't stressing about your wedding, or worrying about what you should tell your guests ...  More ...

Coronavirus and Your Wedding - Some Suggestions

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How novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) might impact your planned wedding is a hot topic at the moment. So, should you be concerned? Or, in the words of that wonderful World War II advice, Alert but not Alarmed? ... More ...