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I'm definitely a tradition-twister! Traditions are basically things that were a good idea (at the time) so people continue to do them. They aren't rules or laws, and some of them are nothing more than superstition. Feel free to include, ignore, or change traditional practices to suit yourselves.  Most of these posts address this aspect of wedding traditions.

General thoughts about tradition and weddings

Traditions and Your Wedding: Tweak Old Ones and Make New Ones!

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All traditions were invented by someone for some reason that was good, socially acceptable, or in line with a social norm at the time. So it follows that traditions can be comforting. but they can also be a burden if they've outlived their usefulness or express values that are at odds with your own. In the 21st century, there are good reasons to reexamine traditions that are nearly 200 years old, and tweak them or make new ones ...  More...

12 Wedding "Rules" to Kick to the Curb for a Modern Marriage

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Your wedding is a personal occasion, but a personal occasion that lays a critical foundation
for your future together. There are no rules, other than minimal legal requirements. But there are plenty of tyrannical traditions that you can skip with a clear conscience ... More ...

34 Ways to Incorporate Tartan in Your Wedding Ceremony Without Wearing a Kilt

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There are many ways to incorporate family tartans into your wedding ceremony apart from the men wearing kilts ... More ...

Is it OK for a guest to wear white to a wedding?

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The "never wear white to a wedding" rule is one of those hard and fast rules of etiquette that pretty well everyone has accepted for a very, very long time. In the 21st is this a rule that can be broken?   More ...

On the Hidden Costs of Being "Fashionably" Late to Your Wedding

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Being fashionably late to your wedding, is not only not a must do tradition, it can cost you, big time, in more ways that just money ...  More ...

Weddings are rife with bullying – and its got to stop

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There are many forms of common wedding bullying and it is not all about the bride bullying the bridesmaids...  More ...

Same Sex Ceremonies - Negotiating the Gendered Nature of Ceremony Traditions

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Rather than assign roles, assign various customs .... More ...

Multicultural Fusion Weddings

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If you are an intercultural couple, how do you navigate your ceremony?  It is not uncommon to have two ceremonies.  But there is a third option - a fusion wedding ceremony that incorporates the traditions of what are important to you both ...  More ...

Traditions about Luck

The thing I hate most about traditional weddings

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A discussion of  my pet peeve - the tradition of making the groom stand with his back to the guests and to his bride as she makes her way down the aisle to join him. And why it has a darker side   More ...

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue is a rhyme and a tradition that has been part of the wedding scene in English speaking countries since Victorian times. These are the things that a bride is advised to wear or carry on her wedding day to ensure the success of the marriage and her own happiness ... More ...

Rain On Your Wedding Day - Good Luck or Bad Luck?

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Is rain on your wedding day good luck or bad luck? In multiple cultures rain represents fertility, cleansing, and renewal, and, extrapolated from those beliefs, in relation to weddings, unity and tears.... More ...

Tradition and before the ceremony

5 Good Reasons to Propose Before you Shop for an Engagement Ring

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Proposing with a ring is a very new tradition, and like all traditions, not law. Waiting to choose the ring as a couple has lot going for it. ... More ...

Proposal Do's and Don'ts

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Dos and Don't of proposing learned over many years of hearing proposal stories from couples I have married... More ,,,

The When, Why, How, and Who of the First Look

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The incredibly romantic moment when a couple first locks eyes on their wedding day is a must-have photo opportunity. First look wedding photos have been topping the wedding wish lists for some time now ... More ...

Waiting for a proposal? This post is for the ladies ...

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Prime proposal season (Christmas-New Year) and second-most-popular-proposal-day (Valentine's Day) have been and gone. Are you still waiting for that expected proposal? The notion that the gold standard for proposals is the male proposing is not as long-standing a tradition as you might think. A growing number of women are successfully popping the question...  More ...

Your Wedding Party

Pairing up your Wedding Party: Who Walks with Who?

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How do you pair up your wedding party when you've tossed the idea of a a strict division along
gender lines and your I Do Crew  is made up of your besties with no regard for equal numbers or matchy matchy on gender. ... More ...

How Many Bridesmaids is Just the Right Number?

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There is a very fine line between an appropriate number of bridesmaids (and groomsmen) and just too many, and a wide range of factors that come into play when deciding how many is the right number for your wedding ...    More ...

Tradition and your ceremony

How to Rock Rose Petals in Your Wedding Ceremony

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There are many ways to include rose petals in your wedding ceremony that will both surprise and delight your guests because they won't have experienced them before ...  More ...

Left or Right? Which Side is Correct for Your Wedding?

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Which side is correct in a wedding depends on what we are talking about - flowers, rings, or seating ... More ...

Your Grand Entrance: How to walk down the aisle with style

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Guests at weddings are very accepting of couples doing their own thing and making their own decisions about how to walk down the aisle. No-one bats an eye if you choose to do something other than walk down the aisle on the arm of your father. And most people no longer assume that, if you do walk down the aisle on your father's arm, the ceremony that follows will be ultra-traditional and totally predictable... More ...

Barefoot at Your Wedding - An Ancient Tradition

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Marrying in bare feet is an ancient Celtic tradition, easily translatable to the Australian environment. ... More ...

'You may kiss your bride' - oh yeah?  How to have the Perfect (and Perfectly Modern) Kiss

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updated 04/08/2018
As a celebrant I not only see many many wedding kisses, I also have the responsibility of prompting them. Your first kiss as a married couple will be photographed and remembered by your guests (and everyone who sees the photographs) for years and years, so it is important to plan for the perfect kiss!  More ...

After ceremony traditions

Wedding Cake Unity Ritual

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Although cutting the cake usually happens at the ceremony, incorporating a wedding cake unity ritual, where you cut and share your wedding cake during your ceremony, works well, both symbolically and practically as a ceremony addition, and is a great way to deal with COVID-19 restrictions on sharing the cake with guests  ... More ...

Tossing the Garter – Yes or No??

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Tossing the Garter is a wedding tradition that a growing number of couples are choosing to skip altogether for various reasons.  But skipping the embarrassing bit (the retrieval from the bride's leg) and changing up how it is tossed can add a lot of fun to the occasion while avoiding the things that can be an issue    More ...

Rice, Birdseed, and Weddings

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Rice, traditionally thrown at weddings,  is rarely seen nowadays because churches, reception venues, and local authorities usually ban the throwing of rice, along with confetti, but replacing it with birdseed is not a good idea... More ...