Niching and Me: Focusing on a niche market, aka describing your ideal client, and then aiming services, advertising, and personal branding, the picture of yourself you present, at that ideal client, is the current thing among celebrants. To my mind, however, each couple is different, so I trust your ability to understand who you are and what you need in a celebrant who will showcase your uniqueness. It's not about first impressions. It's about deeper connection. And for that you need to know who I am, how I think, what my values are. Hence this blog.
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Is it too cheeky to say that I'm a great writer and I love putting my ideas down on paper? Combine that with a long history of managing very large libraries and Bingo!, you've got a celebrant who shares information ...
... and who loves to explore all things wedding (and namings, and other ceremonies).
In fact, about all things ceremony.

All of the posts on this blog are the result of my own independent intellectual effort.
They therefore meet the subsistence criteria required to qualify for copyright protection under Australian Copyright law. No generative AI (artificial intelligence) has been used.
They are also rigorously fact-checked.

I especially love delving into how what might seem like small decisions can have a big impact on how it all goes on the day. And, of course, sharing! This blog (like my books and the pieces I write for other publications)  is very much the product of my own experience as a celebrant whose favourite word is Why? And of being a person who never just accepts "the way it has always been done".

Delve into a topic to answer a question or find some inspiration ... It is likely that in my blog you'll find answers to questions you never thought to ask. But if there is something you want to know shoot me a message. I love a challenge!



  • Celebrant -
    •     Why a celebrant?
    •     Choosing your ideal celebrant - hints, tips, and questions to ask
    •     Your celebrant and your ceremony
    •     Your celebrant and the law
    •     Behind the scenes
    •     Me as your celebrant - my view of my role
    •     Professional Development Articles for Celebrants
  • Inclusive Weddings - posts about aspects of weddings that are inclusive of culture, gender, sexuality, and ability, etc
    • Pinned posts
    • Equality in your ceremony
    • Including family and friends
    • Ageism
    • Culture
    • Disability and Neurodiversity
    • Gender and Sexual Orientation
  • Scottish Weddings - posts about various aspects of weddings in the Scottish Tradition
  • Vows - posts about wedding vows
    • Types of vows
    • Random thoughts about vows
    • Writing your vows
    • Saying your vows - or reading them
    • After the ceremony
  • Wedding Attire -posts about what you wear
    • Wedding dresses
    • Wedding flowers
    • Wedding accessories
  • Wedding Budget - posts about wedding budgets and how to save money and prioritise expenditure
    • Wedding costs
    • What celebrants charge
    • Some budget-friendly ideas
    • Wedding budgets
    • Budget wreckers
    • After the wedding
  • Wedding Ceremony - posts about various aspects of the ceremony
    • Thoughts about wedding ceremonies
    • Dealing with wedding stresses and worries
    • There are no "rules"
    • Wedding ceremony choreography
    • Including friends and loved ones in your ceremony
    • Ceremony styling
    • You might not have considered this ...
    • Wedding readings
  • Wedding Legals - posts about what it takes to make your marriage legal
    • General thoughts about legal weddings
    • Your celebrant - things you need to know
    • The Marriage Act
    • Marriage Certificates
    • What has to be done before the ceremony
    • Consent
    • Legal requirements for the ceremony
    • Keeping secrets, privacy, and surprises
    • What happens after the ceremony (including information on changing your name)
    • Where you get married matters
  • Wedding Planning - lots of different aspects of planning your wedding, all of them important
    • Before you start planning
    • Mythbusting
    • Setting the date
    • Essentials
    • Funding your wedding
    • Plan B: how to plan for when things don't go to plan
    • Choices, choices, choices
    • Including children and animals
    • Venue
    • Dealing with Stresses and Dilemmas
    • Rehearsing
    • After the wedding
    • Things you might not have considered
  • Wedding Rituals - sometimes called sub-ceremonies
    • Unity Rituals
    • Rituals involving others
    • Food for thought about Rituals
  • Wedding Traditions - there are so many traditions around weddings that people often think of them as rules. Expect to find facts about the history of these, plus some provocative thoughts from me. (Hint: Wedding traditions are peer pressure from previous generations and many stem from superstitions that are no longer relevant)
    • General thoughts about tradition and weddings
    • Traditions about luck
    • Tradition and before the ceremony
    • Your Wedding Party
    • Tradition and your ceremony
    • After ceremony traditions
  • Divorce Ceremonies - posts about ceremonies to mark the end of a marriage or a relationship, of parting of the ways
  • Naming Ceremonies |Reasons to hold a naming ceremony | Planning a Naming Ceremony | Naming Ceremony Rituals |
  • Vow Renewals - posts about renewing your vows (Vow Reaffirmations)

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Proposing and Proposals - posts about proposing and proposals

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